Food Fun & Great Destinations




Imagine Vineyards and Cantanies in hidden out of the way, in cities that do not see many tourists. Picture tasting wines that are not sold in the States and tasting unforgettable cuisine in different regions. We dine in cellars take cooking classes with Chefs after we have walked the local markets to choose the ingredients.  This is iconic D'Italia. Enjoy the natural beauty of Sicily, see unbelievable medieval villages of the Cinque Terre.  Book a Tuscan Villa with friends and have a private Chef create meals and pair them perfectly with a wonderful wine.  Come with me to explore the undiscovered wine area of Montecarlo or have a private wine tasting in Bolgheri the home of the Super Tuscan Wines. We love the wines, history and culture of Italy. Our Food and Wine tours are all about the local culture and people. Immerse yourself in the vineyards and come to know not only the most expensive but the local wines made by the people that have a passion for making the best. I live in Tuscany so it is my home and I would love to show you my home village where time floats slowly by. Come with me and feel like a local. Everyone wants to be Italian when in Italy, so let's find your inner Italian.